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Established in 2015, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is a prominent international financial center located in the capital of the UAE. As a financial freezone, ADGM follows an independent jurisdiction that encompasses rules and regulations aligning with international best practices. Businesses operating from this region have access to an ever-expanding ecosystem of services, finance, and talent. 

Home to three independent authorities – Financial Services Regulatory Authority, Registration Authority, and ADGM Courts – ADGM provides a holistic environment for businesses to conduct operations seamlessly with confidence while being recognized by important global financial centers. 

Key Features

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Easing of Company Formation

At ADGM, the process of setting up a business is friendly, efficient, and transparent for local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors. With a fully digital application process and extensive support for all governmental and visa-related tasks, ADGM is the ideal entry point for companies
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English Common Law

Because the ADGM freezone follows the English Common Law, international entities will get to operate under a set of legal rules and guidelines that they understand and trust. At the same time, regional and local companies also find it easy to contract with partners and build relations with other parties who understand the legal framework.
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Independent Jurisdiction

ADGM provides a freezone jurisdiction with independent ADGM courts that offers businesses with certainty by maintaining the highest degree of transparency with all legal procedures.
Dual Licensing Facility icon

Dual Licensing Facility

ADGM offers full market access to Abu Dhabi Government Entities (ADGE) by letting them apply for a DED license, allowing them to service on-shore customers and the government.
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Tax-Friendly Environment

With no income or corporate tax, full business ownership, and no restrictions on profit repatriation, businesses can maximize their profits by choosing to operate in the ADGM freezone.
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Wide Range of Legal Tools & Vehicles

ADGM extends a wide range of legal tools and vehicles, designed to safeguard and protect the value of all businesses operating in the freezone.

Existing Industries

ADGM is a hub for a wide range of business activities, inviting entrepreneurs and investors from all corners of the globe. Some of the core sectors functional in this region include –
  • Digital & Investment Banking
  • Money Service Businesses
  • Funds and Investment Management
  • Capital Insurance
  • Family Businesses, Trusts, and Foundations
  • Advisory, Consulting, & Other
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Regional Treasure Operations
  • Tech Startups
  • FinTech Brokerage
  • Retail
  • Special Purpose Vehicles

ADGM Benefits

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Full ecosystem comprising accounting, legal, and other service providers
  • No restrictions on the number of permitted activities per license (if all the activities are in the same scope)
  • Best international practices, widely recognized by prominent financial centers across the globe
  • Zero direct tax
  • 100% repatriation of profits
  • Flexible and multiple office setup options
  • Flexible options for employee and investor visas
  • Time-oriented and streamlined application process
  • Convenient and straightforward business procedures
  • No restrictions on foreign employees
  • English common law judicial system
  • Strategic and convenient location from a business perspective
  • Easy access to other markets, including major financial hubs in the UAE and the world
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The ADGM Digital Lab

ADGM Digital Lab is an exclusive virtual environment that gives participants access to resources, such as system images, APIs, data, and reference architectures. Financial institutions, fintech, and financial services regulators connect and collaborate seamlessly and safely in this environment to design, develop, and test innovative solutions. Additionally, participants can use this unique environment to identify and address various shared challenges together.
The types of entities invited to participate in the Digital Lab include
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Academics
  • Startups
  • Regulators
  • Tech Vendors
  • Government Organizations
  • Venture Capitalists

Future of ADGM

Strategically located at the crossroad of some of the greatest trade routes in the world, ADGM offers a hassle-free, easy, and entirely digital business setup process to passionate entrepreneurs and investors. Flaunting extraordinary tax exemptions, ownership immunity, stable & safe global transportation links, an invaluable business-friendly environment, and an unparalleled ultra-modern infrastructure, ADGM appears to be an ideal destination for high-net-worth entities and individuals that wish to launch, transact, and grow their businesses in a one-of-a-kind financial freezone and global market. 

By establishing an inclusive, open, and innovative ecosystem, ADGM has created invaluable growth opportunities, attracting world-class fintech companies to the UAE. Its participation in cross-border initiatives has fostered a more advanced, dynamic, and sustainable economy. 

ADGM is committed to becoming a pioneer and global leader in developing rules and regulations for the new-age financial sector. With the intention to expand the Digital Lab community (a virtual environment connecting financial institutions, fintechs, and regulators), the freezone is expected to accelerate the next generation of innovative ideas and solutions for the digital economy in the future. 

Even amidst an incredibly challenging time, ADGM demonstrated an extraordinary ability to innovate and adapt, and this trend is only likely to increase in the upcoming years. For entrepreneurs and investors, now is the time to make the most of ADGM's growth potential in business. 

With world-class business setup consultants in Dubai, TASC is here to offer you all the guidance and support necessary to help streamline the process of forming a company in the ADGM region. From finding a suitable company name to applying for employee visas, we will be at your assistance. 

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