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You Handle Your Business Goals While We Handle Your Business Setup

We at TASC Corporate Services are your strategic business partners who not only assist you with the business setup process but also with staffing and a lot more. You can be worry-free and handle your business goals, while we handle everything else!

Build your business in the Middle East . Our range of services & team of professionals will ensure your setup process is seamless & profitable.

If you're looking at establishing a business, UAE & Saudi Arabia should be your destination of choice! It gives investors a plethora of options, helping their investments reap immense benefits.

TASC offers a comprehensive suite of corporate services. We are designed to increase your business effciency while lowering costs. TASC is everything you would look for in the perfect business partner!

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Why Choose UAE?

The UAE is perfectly nurturing an ecosystem that seamlessly enables businesses across sectors to thrive with the right mix of innovation. If you have the entrepreneurial streak in you, UAE is the perfect place to get started. It’s important to make the right move with the right partners.

Strategic geographically location

Strategic location gives start-ups the potential to expand geographically

foreign direct investment with government

The goverment is enabling foreign direct investment

attractive tax programs

Freezones allow 100% foreign ownership to attractive tax programs

UAE is a true reflection of an innovation-driven country, powered by the zeal of a better tomorrow! This innovative view of the nation makes it the best place in the world to establish and grow your business. We at TASC will help shape your business goals with our expert solutions to let you soar in an innovation-driven economy!


High GDP per capita

High GDP per capita

Population has high Affinity for tech

Population has high Affinity for tech & digital adoption

Internet penetration

Internet penetration among the highest in the world

TASC Corporate Services Suite of Services

  • Company Setup with Advisory team
  • Liaison with government authorities
  • Approvals from health and municipal authorities
  • Visa, administrative and trade license management
  • Staffing, accounting and legal services

Why Partner with Us?

Business establishment and expansion

Business establishment and expansion

support with legal formalities

Support with legal formalities

Assistance with government

Assistance with government approvals

reduce efforts costs and time

Reduce efforts, costs and time

Dedicated manager with expertise

Dedicated managers with FinTech expertise

What are the steps to set up a new business in Dubai?

Follow these steps for new company formation in Dubai:

Deciding Your Business Activity

Your first step is to select a profitable business activity as per Dubai’s market & lifestyle. The Department of Economic Development lists thousands of approved business activities in Dubai. From agriculture to trading to manufacturing, you can go through them all to pick one that suits you the best.

It’s important to note that many Freezone firms aren’t allowed to engage in certain business activities. Therefore, you must learn about the business activities approved in your location before proceeding to the next step of business setup in Dubai.

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Choosing a Strategic Location

When you have a suitable business activity, the next step will involve looking for a convenient location to set up the office. You must take several aspects into consideration before you can pick the ideal location, and this is where the guidance of our consultants will be exceptionally valuable to you.

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Picking a Suitable Name

The laws of Dubai regarding picking a company name are very detailed. For instance, words that are offensive towards religion are prohibited from use.

It can be challenging to come up with a proper company name. However, our experts on business setup in Dubai can help you through shortlisting and picking out an ideal company name, thereby saving you time and effort.

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Obtaining Your License

When you have a proper company name, you must secure a license. The type of license will depend on the needs of your company. Our best business setup consultants in Dubai can help you with obtaining your license. Typically, it could require the following paperwork –

  • License application form signed by the relevant authority
  • Address proof
  • Business plan
  • Personal data sheet of shareholders
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Passport copy with specimen signatures of shareholders, managers, and directors
  • Details of the existing company (in case of business expansion)
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Opening a Bank Account

When you have obtained your license for a new business in Dubai, the next step would require you to open a corporate bank account on behalf of your company. You need to approach a reputable bank as per your business needs, whether an international or local bank.

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Applying for Visa

The process of obtaining a Dubai visa is well-structured, from visa application submission to visa permit issuance. You could apply for multiple visas, including family, domestic helpers, and employees. You can expect TASC’s best business setup consultants in Dubai to assist you with your visa processing too.

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Where to Register a Company in Dubai?

When planning to register a company in Dubai, you can either set up a base in the mainland or free zone. It is a critical decision you have to make based on your needs, mainly because the mainland and free zones have different rules and regulations.

You must make your decision based on whether you

  • Want 100% ownership of your company
  • Can avail of tax benefits
  • Find a location that is economical and convenient
  • Think the location meets your strategic goals

Perks of setting up a mainland business

  • You can trade freely throughout Dubai and the UAE
  • You can trade globally and grow your presence worldwide
  • You can expand your team and business
  • You can expand your product line
  • You can work with the governments of the GCC and the UAE

Perks of setting up a Freezone business

  • You will have 100% foreign ownership
  • You will get 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • You’ll be exempt from personal and corporate tax
  • You’ll be exempt from import and export tariffs

Why Choose Us for New Company Formation in Dubai?

With the best business setup consultants in Dubai working at TASC, we would take a customized approach to take the necessary steps required to form your company. You can expect us to see through everything, right from the beginning till the end.

When you choose us for a new business setup company in Dubai, our highly skilled team of experts will help you with

  • Business formation and registration
  • Local sponsorship
  • Approval from municipal and health authorities
  • Administrative, trade license, and visa management
  • Accounting, staffing, and legal assistance

The process of starting a business is not easy and straightforward, which is why you need assistance from experts. With the right people by your side, you can seamlessly navigate the bureaucracy around new company formation in Dubai and get things done on time.

Having extensive knowledge of the changing laws and years of experience to our advantage, our business consultants are the right people who can guide and support you throughout the entire process of business setup in Dubai.

If you want to register company in Dubai and want to find out whether we’d be a good fit, get in touch with us today!

Case Studies

Here’s how we helped our client, an emerging FinTech firm, establish themselves in the UAE in just one month. We saved them time and minimized costs while effciently helping them launch the business. We can help reduce your effort, time, and money with any business setup in the UAE.


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