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Our latest CSR initiative

TASC Covid-19 relief fund

We’re currently extending help to our associates and their families by covering medical and health expenses relating to Covid-19, offering up to AED 5,000 to families affected by the virus. After all, we’re all one TASC family.

TASC in the community

We never lose sight of the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate. Over the years, we’ve taken part in a variety of environmental, workplace and community initiatives designed to improve the world around us.

Sanad, Children’s Cancer Support Association in Riyadh – KSA

We had a great time spending quality time with children from the Children’s Cancer Support Association in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We were able to donate to the cause and spend several hours engaging with these special children. The team took part in various activities such as painting, colouring, and playing games. The children were full of enthusiasm and joy as they saw us arrive, which made our day even more special. The experience was incredibly meaningful for everyone involved. Not only did we make a positive impact in the lives of these children, but we also developed deeper bonds within our own team.

Special Needs Future Development Center – Dubai

TASC Outsourcing was privileged to have the opportunity to volunteer with the children of the Special Needs Future Development Center (SNF) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates many times in 2022.
Bringing Smiles, One Child At A Time
Our team volunteered to spend quality time with the children by taking part in fun activities such as painting and playing games. The purpose was to give a chance to the children to socialize and engage with others in a safe environment. It also gave us an opportunity to learn more about their lives – what challenges they face due to their disabilities, what motivates them each day, and how they cope in difficult situations.
Empowering Children Through Art
We are also proud to collaborate with the children to create and design beautiful artwork for our annual corporate diaries. This initiative empowered children with special needs and cognitive challenges by providing them with a platform to showcase their unique artistic skills.
Season Of Giving
We ended the year with a unique corporate bazaar where employees were able to purchase stunning hand-crafted products made by the children for their loved ones. Everyone went home happy knowing they had made a positive difference.

Stray Dogs Centre – Umm Al Quwain

Since 2017, we’ve teamed up with Dubai Health Authority to encourage our employees and associates to donate to local blood banks, and so give back to those most in need in our community.

Blood Donation Drives

Since 2017, we’ve teamed up with Dubai Health Authority to encourage our employees and associates to donate to local blood banks, and so give back to those most in need in our community.


Each year since 2017, we’ve celebrated the Holy Month by hosting iftar for workers in labour camps, providing meals and entertainment, and doing our bit to spread a little Ramadan joy.

Go Green

In 2018 our team have planted trees, and are helping to raise awareness of green issues among schoolchildren at the Yogeshwarananda School, Bangalore, India, making the school environment a happier, healthier, greener place to grow and learn.

Smile Bazaar

In 2018 there was crafty fun for all at this TASC market of handcrafted good produced by students of Al Noor School for special needs children.

Can Collection Drive

To support Emirates Environmental Group in 2016, we recently collected 76kg of recyclable cans, more than twice our original target. Help the environment? Yes we CAN!

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