Frequently Asked Questions – TASC Corporate Services

Corporate Services

TASC assists with company incorporation across more than 50 free zones and can also assist with mainland and offshore company formation.

No, an NOC is not required when setting up your company and obtaining a trade license. However, if your business requires incorporation in a certain jurisdiction, our company formation experts can guide you on all the incorporation requirements.

Whilst this could be a requirement by certain jurisdictions in the UAE, paid-up share capital is not required at the time of incorporation. At Decisive Zone, our team of experts can guide you on the most suitable setup option.

No, a local sponsor is not required for setting up a free zone company. A free zone company can be owned 100% by an expatriate shareholder(s).

An offshore company is a legal entity incorporated with the intention of operating and executing business outside the UAE. Whilst offshore companies are permitted to open a bank account in the UAE, they are not able to issue visas under the company or have a physical office within the UAE.

A freelance permit is ideal for sole practitioners looking to individually work as freelancers without hiring employees or leasing an office space. The permit is issued under an individual’s name and can only facilitate opening a personal bank account. Freelancers are also restricted to a particular area of operation. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

To change your company name you must first come up with a new suggested company name and we will seek approval from the licensing authority/jurisdiction. Upon availability of the name and the approval an advert must be placed in a local newspaper notifying this change (a legal notice of company name change). We also require signed amendment forms and all of the original company documents must be returned.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the regulatory authority for issuing a mainland license in the UAE. A mainland license, also referred to as an onshore license, gives you the flexibility to operate inside of the UAE and outside of the UAE without any limitations. Each free zone jurisdiction has a specific list of activities which can only be operated within the creating free zone or outside of the UAE. There are certain limitations to a free zone company which varies from free zone to free zone. An offshore company is a legal entity incorporated with the intention of operating and executing business outside the UAE. Offshore companies are permitted to open a bank account in the UAE, however, they cannot issue visas or have a physical office space within the UAE.

Yes, we do have an attractive referral incentive package of up to AED …….. per successful referral!

Business Setup

FAQ’s – Freezone

As of right now it is not possible to transfer your company to a different free zone. However you can set up a branch of your existing company in a different free zone.

In order to open a UAE bank account you will need to provide the following documents:

  • The original corporate documents that you have received from the Freezone
  • CV of Shareholders and Directors
  • A business summary
  • Additional documents may also be requested

Your relationship manager will send you notifications for renewal 3 months before it is due. When it is convenient for you contact them and they will handle the procedure for you.

The first step is to do your medical fitness test and register for Emirates ID renewal. Once this is done and the medical results issued, come with your valid passport (with 3 empty pages and validity of at least 7 months remaining) along with other required documents. Your Visa Specialist will then guide you through the process.

Your physical presence is not required for proceeding with the incorporation process.

E-Channel, a.k.a Tahaluf System Registration, was implemented to streamline immigration processes. It’s mandatory for licenses with visa eligibility in the majority of the northern emirates and consists of a refundable deposit along with a registration and annual renewal fee.

Understanding that each business is different, so identifying the right jurisdiction for your company based on the nature of your business is important. Each jurisdiction has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our team of business setup experts help you choose the right one to help ensure its success.

FAQ’s – Mainland

An immigration card, a.k.a. an establishment card, is required by immigration in order for you to process visas under your license.

Yes, of course you can! A mainland company can be owned 100% by an expatriate shareholder. However, please note it’s subject to the type of business activity under your license.

Yes, but only if you are not structured correctly. At ………. we offer comprehensive advice on company structuring and can implement a few mechanisms to ensure you always remain in control of your business.

If your local partner is a natural person, then an heir will inherit the 51% share in your business. It is then up to that person if he or she wishes to continue in the same manner as nominee shareholder or if they wish to negotiate new terms or be more involved in the business. At ………. we offer a corporate nominee shareholder solution that can protect you in the event of the passing of a local partner.

………. offers a market leading 30-day notice period without penalty if you wish for us to transfer the shares to a new partner while under our sponsorship. However, if you have a natural person as your local partner it is your responsibility to negotiate exit terms at the time of exit.

Professional PRO Services

PRO services refer to any activity that requires involvement with government authority in processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labour cards, and company trade licencing documentation and approvals.

Our PROS liaise with government ministries, freezone authorities and legislative bodies such as Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber, Dubai Immigration Naturalization Department, Ministry of Labour, Dubai courts, UAE embassy, General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Roads and Transport Authority, etc. to balance the administrative work-load of your organization and improve delivery timelines.

Yes, our line of PROs are experienced professionals in the PRO field. They have vast experience in working with all government agencies on daily basis. They can manage all your PRO services related work seamlessly and provide consultation as and when required to be compliant with local laws.

Outsourcing your PRO Services to a PRO Service Company with experience and knowledge across the UAE to handle various government transactions and legal obligations of your company, is not only cost effective but also saves time and avoids any complications or risks that you may incur. A reliable PRO Services company will help you to be compliant and save you from any fines/penalties/reputation loss.

We help you build a framework that suited to your internal processes and which aligns with the government requirements. TASC will manage the daily operational part with regular governance meeting and reporting. All decision making remains with the client and hence you will have complete control of your operations. You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will guide and assist you throughout the process.

PRO Services cover all transactions related to:

  1. Employee visas – new visa, renewal, cancellation, family visa, golden visa, etc
  2. Company license – new license, renewal, cancellation/liquidation, movement of license from one zone to another, license amendment, etc
  3. Regulatory transactions – attestation of documents, legal translation, RTA related, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Ejari, etc

As we work with all the government authorities extensively, any company or employee related work can be outsourced through PRO Services