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The Jebel Ali Free Zone, also known as JAFZA, is a free trade zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest free trade zone in the Middle East and the second largest in the world. It has been set up as a platform for investors to establish and run their businesses with ease. The government of UAE offers business setup services for companies that want to set up their base in the free zone. This free zone offers a variety of business setup services to businesses looking to set up shop in Dubai.

Established in July 1985, the free trade zone aims to promote foreign and domestic trade industries. There are different business setup services offered by JAFZA, which can help entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running as soon as possible. Entrepreneurs can also avail themselves of a range of services such as licensing, logistics, customs clearance, and more.

Today, it is pleased to serve as a vibrant home to countless businesses from more than 130 countries, creating more than 130,000 opportunities and garnering 23.9% of Dubai's direct investment from abroad.

JAFZA Key Features

This entitled free trade zone offers an excellent opportunity for investors to set up their businesses and enjoy a host of benefits, including exemption from customs duties on imports and exports, income tax holidays, and other incentives.
Co-working Spaces & Onsite Residences for Workforce icon

Co-working Spaces & Onsite Residences for Workforce

Accommodation is an important part of any successful business. With the ever-expanding range of international opportunities, there is an increased need for quality staff and labor accommodation in Jebel Ali Free Zone. It is one of the world's leading business hubs and is home to
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JAFZA employs smart technology to improve the sustainability of its operations. They save money on energy and resources while also making the world more egalitarian and connected. It provides tools that enable these technologies for its partners and clients to ensure smooth and
No Restrictions on Foreign Staff

No Restrictions on Foreign Staff

International trade and commerce are a necessity for the global economy. The United Arab Emirates is an incredibly popular destination for businesses from all over the world. This is largely due to the country's commitment to providing a hospitable and business-friendly
100% Land Ownership Rights

100% Land Ownership Rights

JAFZA provides a wide range of tax and customs duty exemptions to industries operating within its confines. It also offers several incentives to investors, including land ownership rights, transferable business licenses, exemption from income tax on remittances from overseas
Unrivaled Infrastructural Network icon

Unrivaled Infrastructural Network

The infrastructure here is nothing short of impressive, with a vast range of facilities available to both businesses and individuals. From its state-of-the-art telecommunications to its streamlined customs
Business-friendly and tax-free Environment icon

Business-friendly and tax-free Environment

With its modern infrastructure and comprehensive business-friendly environment, JAFZA provides companies with an ideal platform to operate in the region. As a free zone authority,

JAFZA Benefits

The benefits of forming a company in the JAFZA region are numerous Let’s take a look at them –

  • 100% ownership of the foreign asset
  • 100% capital and profits repatriation
  • No restrictions on currency
  • No personal and corporate taxes
  • Ready-made warehouses and factories available
  • No cap on capital investment
  • The liability of the shareholder is limited to paid-up share capital Abundant energy and resources
  • No restriction over hiring employees from foreign countries
JAFZA Benefits

JAFZA Innovation Hub

JAFZA is the center of innovation with its advanced warehousing and retail distribution solutions. Its model, "Multinational Retail Matrix," displays innovative facilities and services in Dubai that none of the other free zones offers across the globe.


A leading hub for trade
Jebel Ali Free Zone homes 8700 companies from more than 96 countries due to its power of catalyzing retail advancement and trade. As an owner, you get to choose from over 1.89 million sqm of landscape with dedicated facilities. You get to choose from the most attractive locations and facilities to set up your business.


Warehousing facilities and robust implementation
With a wide range of factories and warehousing services, it is the epicenter of catering to customers' demands. You get the ease of customizing the factories and warehouses as per your demands, along with its tailor-made facilities.


Accessibility to the international market
Making international trade and expanding the consumer base have been made more accessible with Jebel Ali Free Trade zone facilities. It bridges international trade and strengthens accessibility with end-to-end support and solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs and companies. This free zone aims at promoting bilateral trade and cross-border investments.


Logistic solutions with a futuristic approach
Smart trade enablement of DP World makes JAFZA an ideal choice for retail businesses. Packed with futuristic solutions and technologies, it’s helping retail sectors achieve speed and efficiency. The technologies like Cargospeed and BOXBAY are its ideal approach toward the sustainability of trade and business promotions.

Future of Trade in JAFZA

UAE is a country that is known for its trade and development. It has developed in the past years to become one of the most influential countries in the world. The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority has a vision of being a world-class, sustainable, and diversified free zone with high standards for quality, safety and security. It has attracted more than 8700 companies from over 100 countries so far. Some of these companies are from Asia, Europe, and North America. The figure shows that people are interested in investing in this zone because it provides benefits like tax exemptions and low taxes on profits.

If you've been considering investing in or pursuing business opportunities in Jafza, now is the opportunity for you. The best business setup professionals at TASC can provide the assistance you require to launch your company successfully.

TASC business setup solutions can help you establish a company in plenty of fast-increasing areas effectively and assist you with anything, including acquiring legal permits and visas.

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